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Selling on AWS Cloud Marketplace

Discover a new realm of growth and acceleration in the AWS Marketplace with Automatum. Our proven track record includes connecting hundreds of clients with millions of new buyers - effortlessly and in record time. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses navigate the...
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Put your product in the spotlight
We manage AWS Marketplace listings and unlock easy purchasing through access to AWS Cloud budget commitments
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Achieve first successes
Private offers enable custom pricing and flexible transactions, while the Automatum Platform simplifies co-sell sales and scales with your growing business.
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Optimizing listings made easy with our Platform's advanced integrations, deep analytics, evergreen strategies, and auto-provisioning and private offer management features

SaaS subscription listings on the AWS Marketplace allow software vendors to offer their applications as a service. Customers can easily discover, subscribe to, and manage these SaaS applications within their AWS environment.

Billing is integrated with the customer's AWS account, providing a unified billing experience. Vendors benefit from reduced friction in the sales process, automated onboarding, and the ability to reach a broader audience.

Additionally, the SaaS subscription model in the AWS Marketplace supports metered billing, allowing vendors to charge based on actual usage metrics, offering flexibility to both providers and customers.

SaaS contract listings on the AWS Marketplace allow software vendors to offer their SaaS applications with upfront term-based commitments, typically ranging from one to three years.

This model provides customers with potential cost savings in exchange for longer-term commitments. Within the AWS environment, customers can discover these offerings, negotiate contract terms, and manage their subscriptions. The billing is consolidated with the customer's AWS account, ensuring a streamlined billing experience.

For vendors, SaaS contracts offer a predictable revenue stream, the ability to negotiate custom terms and access to a vast AWS customer base, all while leveraging AWS's infrastructure for seamless deployment and management.

SaaS contract plus consumption listings on the AWS Marketplace allow software vendors to combine the predictability of term-based commitments with the flexibility of usage-based billing.

Customers commit to a baseline contract and are then billed additionally for any consumption beyond the agreed terms. This model offers the best of both worlds: guaranteed revenue for vendors and potential cost savings for customers who anticipate variable usage.

Within their AWS environment, customers can discover these offerings, negotiate contract terms, and monitor their consumption. The billing is integrated with the customer's AWS account, providing a unified view of fixed and variable charges

Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) are pre-configured virtual server templates that enable users to quickly launch and run applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

AMI listings in the AWS Marketplace provide a platform for vendors to offer their software and solutions in the form of these ready-to-use images. Customers can search, purchase, and deploy these AMIs directly to their EC2 instances, streamlining the setup process.

Vendors benefit by reaching a global audience on AWS, while customers enjoy a simplified deployment experience, with the added assurance of compatibility and security standards. Billing for software or services associated with an AMI is integrated into the customer's AWS account, offering a consolidated billing experience.

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Unlock Your True Potential

If you're considering listing on the AWS Marketplace, partnering with us can provide you with the necessary support for both short-term and long-term success. With our expertise, you can get your product listed in less than six weeks, compared to the typical 3-4 months it may take on your own.

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Marketplace Integrations
We understand that building your own integrations can be a daunting task. That's why our team has done the research, created APIs,...
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zero engineering
Zero-Engineering Effort
Getting to Marketplace on your own requires a high degree of engineering support — which most organizations don’t have the time for.
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True Partnership
Once your product is live, we’ll work with your sales and sales operations teams to help them understand the ins-and-outs of...
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Sales Training
When you list with AWS Marketplace, you get hundreds of pages of Marketplace documents — but with Automatum, we simplify the process for you.
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What Our Customers are Saying

The team at Automatum Cloud were great and held our hand through the entire process of setting up our marketplace listing. We were up on the marketplace very quickly which allowed us to instantly start growing our business.
Mark Chatterton
CEO, inGenious AI
Automatum's technical versatility helped a lot, not only in finding the right configuration, but also understanding how to make the most out of the listing. We would recommend Automatum.
Sebastien Galand
CMO, Settlemint
Automatum is the secret sauce behind our cloud success. User-friendly, dynamic, and simply brilliant
Hydrogen Sapkota
Business Analyst , GIO
Automatum Cloud were exceptional and provided us with invaluable support throughout the entire process of setting up our marketplace listing
Bradley Simpson
Alliance Lead, Atomic
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