Our mission is to streamline cloud marketplace sales

Businesses of every size, from new startups to public companies use Automatum to manage the sale of their solutions on Cloud Marketplaces.
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Your Challenges Became Our Inspiration

Our vast software experienced highlighted the immense potential of cloud marketplaces to revolutionize the sale and transaction of software. Yet, the process of listing on these platforms was daunting for many.
This realization helped spark the creation of Automatum. Our primary mission was to simplify the journey of listing on cloud marketplaces. We want to make them far more accessible for businesses of all sizes.
Our collective experience has enabled us to develop a platform that ensures businesses can effortlessly integrate their software solutions into Cloud Marketplaces.

But our vision goes beyond business. Rooted in our ethos is a deep commitment to giving back. A portion of our profits proudly supports Children Incorporated, reflecting our belief in the meaningful impact of success when it uplifts others.
At the core of our operations is a customer-centric culture. Through open communication, collaboration, and relentless innovation, we aim to be more than just a service provider; we are your partners to success. Together, we're not just transforming businesses but also making a difference in the world.

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