Driving Business Growth through Co-Selling with Cloud Providers

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In the world of cloud solutions, focusing on the benefits of transitioning to the cloud is a common sales approach. However, there's another strategy that can significantly boost your business growth: co-selling with cloud providers. This partnership not only enhances your offerings but also opens up new opportunities for business expansion. Let's explore how co-selling with a cloud provider can help you drive new business and increase your customer pipeline.

Co-Selling: A Win-Win Partnership

Co-selling with a cloud provider means forming a strategic alliance with an expert who offers services that complement your own. For instance, if you're providing managed services for Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can become a trusted advisor to your customers, guiding them on the most beneficial AWS services for their needs.

Cloud Providers also have a vested interest in facilitating more and larger deals. By initiating a co-selling partnership with your Cloud Provider(s), you can kickstart a cycle of opportunities that benefits all parties involved.

The Power of Co-Selling

Co-sell programs reward active Marketplace sellers with access to exclusive resources, tools, leads, and opportunities. This partnership allows you to leverage the Cloud Provider's brand recognition and expertise, while you focus on executing deals and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Sellers can also take advantage of Marketplace incentives that Cloud Providers offer their customers, including Enterprise Discount Programs (EDPs), Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs), and Partner/Reseller-centric programs designed for larger deals.

Expanding Your Customer Pipeline

Co-selling with a cloud provider can lead to introductions to other companies that might benefit from your services. This can help you build long-lasting relationships with customers and reach new ones. You can also ask your existing customers for their prospect list, allowing you to reach out to prospects and address their IT challenges.

Generating New Business

If you're not already working with a cloud provider, starting a co-selling partnership can help you expand your customer pipeline. By becoming a reseller for a cloud provider like AWS, you can offer their services alongside your own, reaching a new set of prospects.

Improving Your Prospecting Process

Cloud providers are experts in acquiring customers. By partnering with them, you can improve your prospecting process. You can create a simple spreadsheet with your customers' names and contact information, and share it with the cloud providers to introduce you to their customers. This approach is more effective than cold calling or emailing a prospect because it comes from a trusted source.

Building Your Brand

Co-selling with a cloud provider can significantly enhance your brand. By showcasing your company's expertise and providing testimonials from your existing customers, you can build trust and credibility. You can also let your existing customers know that you're working with a cloud provider, encouraging them to send you additional leads.

Co-selling with cloud providers is a powerful strategy for driving business growth. It can help you increase your customer pipeline, generate new business, improve your prospecting process, and build your brand. At Automatum, we can help you navigate this process, ensuring you maximize the benefits of your co-selling partnership.

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