The Evolution of Software Acquisition: A Shift Towards Cloud Marketplaces

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In the digital age, the way customers acquire software has undergone a significant transformation. As a technical professional who has often stepped into sales and presales roles, I've witnessed this paradigm shift firsthand. Let's delve into the changing landscape of software sales and how Automatum is helping businesses navigate this new terrain.

The Transformation of Traditional Sales Funnels

Gone are the days when customers followed a linear path down the marketing funnel to purchase software. Today's buyers are more likely to embark on a non-linear journey, researching, comparing, and seeking advice long before they make a purchase. This shift is largely driven by the consumerization of the buying experience. B2B software buyers now expect the same convenience and autonomy they enjoy as individual consumers.

Moreover, decision-making power is no longer confined to the C-suite. Technical leaders are increasingly involved in choosing the tools their teams use, necessitating a shift in target markets for software sellers.

Navigating the New Landscape: The Rise of Cloud Marketplaces

Understanding these changes in customer behavior is crucial. Cloud Marketplaces, such as AWS Marketplace, are fast becoming the go-to platforms for buying and selling software. They offer the flexibility and efficiency that modern buyers crave, mirroring the B2C purchasing experience.

Recent research shows that over 60% of buyers have made software purchases from a Cloud Marketplace, a 39% increase from the previous year. This trend is expected to continue, indicating a diversification in the types of buyers who shop on these platforms.

Buyers are drawn to Cloud Marketplaces because they've already invested in Cloud Providers and want to maximize those investments. These platforms simplify procurement, accelerate access to necessary tools, and reduce the time to value realization. For sellers, this presents a unique opportunity to reach their target market, bolster their pipeline, and expedite deal closures.

Marketing to Buyers on Cloud Marketplaces

Modern buyers are increasingly turning to Cloud Marketplaces for their software needs. They're looking for efficiency and cost savings, which they can achieve by consolidating their spending with one or a few providers.

This is where Automatum comes in.

Automatum: Your Gateway to Cloud Marketplaces

Automatum simplifies the process of listing and managing software on Cloud Marketplaces. Our platform enables software providers to leverage these platforms at scale with minimal engineering effort.

Our intelligent onboarding solution provides rapid access to Cloud Marketplace revenue streams without requiring any engineering effort from your team. With Automatum, there's no need to learn how to list your software. Instead, you can focus on what you do best: building game-changing applications.

To see how Automatum can help you get listed and scale your Cloud Marketplace revenue schedule a call.

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